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Who Is Misha? Misha, Marina, and Leo

Twelve-year-old Misha is sad after his best friend moves away and the sudden loss of his grandma, Baba, all in the same week. With a heavy heart and feeling all alone, Misha heads to stay with his grandpa, Deda, where they can give one another a much-needed break from reality.

Without video games, TV, or the internet to distract him, Misha heads out into the Ukrainian countryside of Pirogi, where he befriends an extraordinary gray cat, Marina, and a sweet dog, Leo, who LOVES photography.

Chapter 11 of book featuring Leo

Misha learns the truth from Marina and Leo about Farmer Pechkin - the grumpy, maybe misunderstood neighbor Misha has avoided every summer.

When Farmer Pechkin discovers that the animals on Deda's farm can speak, he calls a town meeting and threatens to separate Misha from his newfound friends.

What will happen when people learn about Misha's talking animal friends (who are now like family to him)? Will they allow these talking animals to stay on the farm? Heartbroken at the thought of being torn apart, can the trio find a way to stay together?

Misha sleeping

Misha and His Talking Animals  is a story of compassion, family, and friendship written specifically for 8-12 year-olds who need a furry friend (or three!) in their lives.

Children will love the characters, and parents and grandparents will appreciate the themes of empathy, emotional development, and simply being a good person to others.

Children, more than anyone, deserve a great story with strong characters who do funny things
A Heartwarming Story

In this classic retelling of the original story by Eduard Uspensky, Misha often hears Baba's voice in his head reminding him to open his heart.

There is so much beauty in this world. Practice the art of seeing with more than just your eyes, and you will expand your possibilities infinitely - Baba

Throughout the story, Misha, Marina, and Leo are often in difficult circumstances and must work together as a team to solve them. Misha often hears Baba's wise words guiding him along the way.

Together they discover the true meaning of compassion, family, love and loss, responsibility, and friendship.

Misha and His Talking Animals  is a revitalized retelling of Uspensky's story that has been updated and takes place in Ukraine.

Marina on Page 16 of the book

What we loved about this story was how it showed how friendship develops and all the good things that come from it. Could these three make a home together? What will others think of them when they learn their secret?

Misha and His Talking Animals  is a chapter book with short chapters designed to keep eager readers ages 8-12 turning the pages. The book is available in hardcover with full-color illustrations inside.

Hard cover book and Digital version
Meet the Author

Author Eduard Uspensky was an internationally known children's book author. His works have been translated into 25 languages. Among his most beloved characters was a serious but adventurous boy known as Uncle Fedya from Uncle Fedya, His Dog, and His Cat.

Eduard Uspensky